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It’s Go Time!

It’s time we go FULL THROTTLE and start the call to action to urge Governor Ron Desantis to VETO SB 810.

At this time the bill has not been transmitted, but we are confident that the bill will be transferred any day now.

Email and tweet the governor to make sure your voice is heard. Keep it going DAILY until a decision is made!

Share with him and his staff how vaping has changed your life and how a flavor ban will impact you. Please be polite and respectful.

Sign our online petition: veto810.org

Email: governorRon.DeSantis@eog.myflorida.com

Twitter: @GovRonDeSantis

Facebook: GovRonDeSantis

Phone: Please note that the phone lines are overloaded with calls about Covid-19.

Do not let up, reach out to the governor daily. Help us keep these tobacco harm reduction products available for adults by urging Governor Ron Desantis to veto SB 810!

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