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Florida Smoke Free Association

The Florida Smoke-Free Association is a non-profit advocacy group comprised vaping businesses and consumers. The goal of FSFA is to support and protect the Florida vaping industry. FSFA works with Legislators and Florida Health Officials to reduce the devastating effects of combustible tobacco products.

FSFA is aligned with industry advocacy groups that bridge gaps between state and federal levels. Our media outlets provide access to scientific studies, legislation and educational materials associated with the vaping industry. We engage with small to medium sized businesses, the media, industry advocates and the public to ensure vapers’ rights are addressed. We are dedicated to increasing communication, education and a truthful dialogue between all parties.

What are Electronic Cigarettes?

Technically these devices are known by the FDA as “electronic nicotine delivery systems” or ENDS.

These are devices which mimic the smoking experience through the heating of a liquid known as e-liquid. This solution is comprised of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, food flavorings and a small amount of nicotine.

While there are several styles of e-cigarettes to choose from, they all basically work the same. A mod or device houses the battery which is connected to a tank. Inside of the tank is the heating element or coil. The e-liquid goes into the tank which absorbs onto the cotton that is in the coil. When the user hits the “fire” button a small electrical current goes through the coil, heats the liquid on the cotton and produces aerosolized e-liquid.

These devices are designed to give smokers an alternative nicotine delivery method. Due to it’s heat not burn technology vaping does not create tar. Most credible health studies show that due to the lack of tar, vaping ENDS products is less harmful than smoking combustible tobacco products.

Please remember this technology is harm reduction, not harm elimination. We highly recommend that smokers do their own research to see if vaping is a good alternative for them. If you are not a smoker we recommend that you do not start a nicotine addiction no matter what the delivery method.

What is Tobacco Harm Reduction?

Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR) is the approach to prevent or reduce the overall harm caused by smoking tobacco products, i.e. cigarettes. According to the CDC 480k deaths occur in the US every year from smoking related illnesses.

We passionately promote THR throughout the state due to the fact that many Floridians continue to use traditional tobacco products, despite the strong efforts of our health officials to prevent the use of these products. Our education efforts focus on helping smokers make the switch to alternative nicotine delivery methods which can be less harmful than combustible tobacco. Eliminating the use of traditional tobacco products by educating is our top priority.

Principles of THR

Our approach to Tobacco Harm Reduction is based on a strong commitment to public health and basic human rights. Tobacco Harm Reduction refers to policies and practices that target the reduction of adverse health and social consequences of the legal use of tobacco. Tobacco Harm Reduction benefits all current users of tobacco products including their families, friends and the wider Florida community.

Dignity and Rights

The FSFA is nonjudgmental and will fight for the rights of all Florida residents and vapor industry businesses wishing to reduce the harms resulting from combustible tobacco usage. Users of combustible tobacco are people we all know: mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends or coworkers. These users do not give up their basic human rights simply because they have chosen to smoke. Ignoring science and technology due to opposing morals and beliefs deliberately inflicts harm on people who smoke tobacco products. This approach creates and exacerbates risk and harm for the users.

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