Florida Smoke Free Association Announces Elysium Vapor Corporation as its Newest Bronze Member

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TAMPA, FL – The Florida Smoke Free Association (FSFA), a group dedicated to tobacco harm reduction, has announced its newest Bronze  Level member, Elysium Vapor Corporation.


Brandon, FL based and established in 2010, Elysium Vapor is both an e-commerce and brick and mortar retailer providing vaping and electronic cigarette products. “We are not just another shop that simply pushes product, we are educators in the industry,” said company founder Chris Whitesell. “Supporting the FSFA is something everyone in the vaping industry and lifestyle should do.”


“In the past week there has been an organic push to support HR 2058, (which will keep electronic cigarette devices legal and affordable)” said FSFA co-founder Jordan D’Alessio. “It’s groups like the FSFA that are the voice to spread this type of information. Chris and Elysium understand this and are proud to welcome them as a member.”


Consumer and vendor support is needed to continue the efforts of the FSFA. Annual memberships for consumers and industry retailers are offered at http://www.flsmokefree.org.


About the FSFA


The Florida Smoke Free Association, formed in 2014, is a non-profit advocacy group comprised of electronic cigarette manufacturers, distributors, retailers and consumers.  The organization is dedicated to keeping the lines of dialogue and information open between the e cigarette industry and state and federal agencies. For more information visit http://www.flsmokefree.org.

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