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Support House Bill 7089, Oppose Senate Bill 810

The Florida Senate has passed SB 810 which contains a ban on purchase or sale of all (open or closed systems, mods or pods) flavored vaping products, even for ADULTS. The bill artificially defines all vaping products as “tobacco products” which forces vape shops to apply for a “tobacco permit”.  The flavor ban forces all vape shop customers to convenience stores or the black market. The bill is a product of one industry participant who is against all vape shops. Although the bill does not directly apply the 60%+ tobacco taxes to the tax statute, it uses the term “tobacco products” from that statute, thus setting up the first of a 2-step glide-path toward taxing all vaping products as tobacco.

The House of Representatives now must choose between this bad Senate Bill and the more responsible House version which applies a reasonable level of oversite on vaping products, especially focusing on underage vaping, but keeps vaping products and “tobacco products” separate.  The House Bill also preserves ADULT FREEDOM to choose flavored vaping products. HB 7089 is supported by the 2,000,000+ Floridians who vape, 1000+ vape shop small businesses, and the Florida Smoke Free Association.

The key message is for the House to only adopt its HB 7089, as-written, and refuse to accept the Senate Bill 810 (Support HB 7089, Oppose SB 810).

This is extremely urgent and we don’t have time to post all members of the house with their contact information. You can find a full list of house members by clicking here.

Today is the day.

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