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We need everyone to get louder. There are 3 things we need help with.

1. Go to our twitter video.

Keep retweeting this video with a short personal comment. Click here for the link. Make sure to tag Governor DeSantis in the comment and use the additional tags/hashtags (please keep the period in front of the first two tags):

.@GovRonDesantis @Flsmokefree @foxnews @erinmurray1 @tbtimesNIE @cbstampabay @tb_times @bn9 @deskkimsmith @troykinsey @MEbn9 @caitmcvey #VetoSB810 #VirtualPoliticalRally #WeVapeWeVote #PoliticalRallyDuringCovid19 #WeSupportFLVapors
#noFlavorBan #FightBigTobacco

PLEASE NOTE: If you are not familiar with how twitter works (we are learning as we go), if you start out a tweet with an @Tag (tagging a twitter account), you must put a period in the beginning so it is public and not just directed at the person/account being tagged.

2. Participate in our Virtual Rally:

Take the time to follow the directions in the image. Please do the following with the photos:

  1. Email them to:
  2. Post them to Facebook and tag Governor DeSantis
  3. Copy and paste the following twitter handles and hashtags for all new tweets and when retweeting other peoples photos/videos:

.@Flsmokefree .@GovRonDesantis @foxnews @erinmurray1 @tbtimesNIE @cbstampabay @tb_times @bn9 @deskkimsmith @troykinsey @MEbn9 @caitmcvey #VetoSB810 #VirtualPoliticalRally #WeVapeWeVote #PoliticalRallyDuringCovid19 #WeSupportFLVapors
#noFlavorBan #FightBigTobacco


3. Take the time to call and email the Governor daily:

We need everyone to call, email and tweet Governor Ron DeSantis. Be courteous and polite when asking him to veto SB 810.

Share with him and his staff how vaping has changed your life and how a flavor ban will hurt you.

Tell Governor DeSantis to VETO SB 810 because it will:

    • This bill is NOT in line with the federal flavor ban/laws. 
    • Guarantee a black market in Florida.
    • The economic impact will be devastating to the Florida economy and will eliminate 10,880 jobs.
    • This bill will force adults back to smoking.
    • Thousands of Florida’s small businesses will be forced to close.
    • Thousands of leases will be broken once this bill goes into effect.
    • Most vapers are single issue voters, this will negatively impact Trump’s chances in the 2020 election.
    • This is NOT what the citizens of Florida want.
    • They need to give the 21+ federal law time to make a difference.

Phone: (850) 488-7146


Twitter: @GovRonDeSantis

Facebook: GovRonDeSantis

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