FDA Creating Harm Reduction Equity Crisis in LGBTQ Communities

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Evidence clearly demonstrates that vaping helps adult smokers quit, yet many communities are being misinformed about the relative risks of e-cigarettes.

A policy of “harm reduction equity” that prioritizes eliminating cancer and other diseases caused by cigarette use should be the highest public health priority of the FDA. Yet FDA’s words and actions have led many to believe erroneously that vaping is as harmful as, or more harmful than smoking. FDA’s backward approach to harm reduction means that it is currently easier to get a new cigarette product approved than an e-cigarette alternative.

Smoking remains the number one health risk to adults in the United States. Approximately 34 million adults are still addicted to cigarettes – the only product which when used as intended will kill you. Nearly 1300 Americans die from a smoking related illness every day – almost 475,000 people annually. That is COVID scale event – every two years!

In the LBGTQ communities – the problem is worse. LGBTQ people out-smoke the general population by 68%. This high rate of LGBTQ smoking is a current and ongoing health crisis.


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