Call To Action Regarding Indoor Vaping Ban (HB1143)

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The Florida Smoke Free Association has been working diligently with advocacy leaders, including CASAA, regarding HB1143.

We are asking all members of the Florida Smoke Free Association to read the following information.

A bill — HB 1143 — has been introduced in the Florida Legislature which would prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes and vapor products in all places where smoking is banned.Vaping would also be banned in places that are currently exempted by the Florida Clean Indoor Air Act. This includes establishments such as bars, tobacco shops and other private businesses. This bill does not provide an exemption for vapor retail shops. Furthermore, there is troubling language in this bill suggesting that possession of a vaping device would be prohibited in “smoke-free” areas.

If you live in a committee member’s district, you should have received a separate email with further instructions.

A hearing has been scheduled for:

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016
4:00 PM

Health Quality Subcommittee

306 House Office Building 402 South Monroe Street Tallahassee, FL 32399 Florida

FSFA Board Members will be arriving early to meet with advocacy leaders and lobbyists to prepare for the hearing.

All members are encouraged to attend this hearing. There will likely be two more committee hearings and FSFA will update this alert as HB 1143 progresses. For those planning to attend this hearing, please dress appropriately and respect the decorum of the committee room. If you are particularly motivated to speak, please contact:

Thank you from the Florida Smoke Free Association.

Florida Smoke Free Association

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