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It’s been a terrible couple of weeks for a legitimate industry whose goal is to save lives by releasing people from the grips of Big Tobacco.

The opposition and news outlets are spewing the worst propaganda right now spawned from an EXTREMELY irresponsible statement by the CDC. We have all seen these articles that are being twisted by those groups. We as an industry have taken the profits out of the MSA (Master Settlement Agreement) from states, cut into the pockets of Big Tobacco and Pharma who stand to profit from tobacco related illnesses. Simply stated, they hate us for creating an industry that has been saving lives for the last 10 years.

I would ask that you review these articles below that state true and actual facts as well as the talking points we recommend if you are interviewed by the media. I’ve also included The Royal College of Physicians report which states vaping is 95% safer –  a true science based report. Our country profits from Tobacco illnesses and vaping threatens that, our friends in the UK embrace vapor technology and their government has put a set of rules in place that allow the industry to do what they do best, convert smokers.

Combustible cigarettes made by Big Tobacco companies like Altria, Phillip Morris and RJ Reynolds kill more than 1,300 people a day, 480,000 a year. That’s what news outlets should also be stating and demonizing. Although I feel terrible for the people and families whom have gotten sick from vaping THC products that are illegal, the vast majority of the vaping industry has been operating for 10 years with no illness related from vaping. All the while, these large corporations of Big Tobacco and Pharma lobby to try and eliminate us. Why in the world would we want to harm the very people we are trying to help?

News outlets should also be citing what Dr. Siegel states below in his article about these cases ALL being related to THC cartridges most of which are illegal. Dr. Farsalinos also nails it with his article.

Vaping saves lives from the grip of Big Tobacco.

Here’s some important links that speak the truth:

Here’s some recommended talking points to discuss if you are interviewed by the media:

  1. We are an industry created by smokers, for smokers, to combat a big tobacco problem. Our goal is to release smokers from the grips of combustible tobacco cigarettes.
  2. The electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) industry has been doing the business of converting smokers for over 10 years and there are currently 12 million active adult vapers in the United States. Until August 2019 there had been no reported cases of lipoid pneumonia from vaping ENDS products.
  3. Royal College of Physicians report states that vaping eliquids is at least 95% safer than smoking.
  4. The  U.K. has embraced this life saving technology to combat smoking deaths to improve public health.
  5. In the U.S. 1,300 people die per day and 480,000 per year from smoking related illnesses, this is why this industry was created to combat that and improve public health, that is the true public health crisis.
  6. Our industry does not condone purchasing products off the street, nor do we support underage sales. Vapor  stores are designed to carry reputable products. If vapers want a quality product don’t buy from unverified sources and visit a local retailer.
  7. Tell your story, why you got into this industry, how long you have been vaping and how it has changed your life.



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