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Call To Action: Support HB7089.

UPDATE: HB7089 has officially moved to its final committee stop. The House Judiciary Committee is going to be meeting on Wednesday, February 26 from 8am-12pm. Here’s the link to the meeting notice.

Please Note: Currently, we do NOT need to make calls, send emails, or make any other communications with these committee members.

CALL TO ACTION: We need a huge turnout for this meeting. We are supporting this bill as it is currently written and request that everyone who attends follow these specific directions:

  1. Fill out a speaker card (you will represent yourself or your business)
  2. Check the box for speaking for informational purposes
  3. When called upon simply stand and say “I waive in support”

There is no need for any public speaking/testimony at this meeting unless a late filed amendment is proposed. If an amendment is proposed, we will update everyone with a new call to action.

If you can attend this meeting, we ask that you click here to go to our Facebook event page so we can have a head count prior to the meeting. The event page will also be the location we will communicate any important information and answer any questions from the people are going to be attending. This will hopefully be the last time that we will need to attend a committee meeting this session, so if you are an industry stakeholder and haven’t had the opportunity to stand up for your customers at the statehouse this may be your last opportunity to do so this session. Again, we need a huge turnout for this last committee meeting for HB7089.

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